The Funding of Weed, Bigger Boobs, and Immortality

Some would argue that those three are the three greatest things known to man. Or maybe I’m just the worst person in the world.

As my first venture capital/funding post, I hope the title attracted your attention (you pothead/pervert/narcissist). Recently there has been some news circulating these three and all three are getting funded in different ways.

Funding Mary Jane

Emerald Ocean Capital is looking to capitalize on the wave of legalization of cannabis across the nation. Currently, 19 states have already legalized the purchase and ownership of marijuana (in some way, shape, or form). Some people may laugh at the founders of Emerald Ocean Capital, but they’re looking to raise between $10mm-25mm in its first fund. They’ll be aggressively funding/acquiring first-to-market mary jane verticals. Like all ingenious ideas, everyone doubts you at inception. I, myself, have my doubts about this new industry. But to help put this opportunity in perspective, what if this legalization of marijuana is similar to the removal of prohibition? If it is, well the alcohol industry is currently $188 BILLION industry. So, yeah…..

2013-06-17 21_26_18-Emerald Ocean Group - Marijuana Venture Capital

Funding TITTIES!!!

I don’t know where to start this one, but I can’t stop smiling while I write this. So while the marijuana industry will get help from institutional money (like Emerald Ocean, a venture capital firm), silicone in women’s chests will be funded by horny men across America. (NSFW) is the original Kickstarter which was founded in 2005, while Kickstarter was founded in 2009. For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it’s a platform for inventors to pitch ideas to the general public in hopes the general public will donate/invest in their idea/company. I highly recommend checking Kickstarter out if you haven’t, always cool, new ideas on there.

To save you the embarrassment of clicking on the MyFreeImplants link, essentially women can create profiles and create friendships with men, who will hopefully give them some money to help them fund getting breast enlargements. Once a woman creates a profile, they set a target amount they would like to raise, and select the plastic surgeon they’d like to do the procedure. Your donations are only used if the target is hit. It’s a pretty entertaining/creepy concept. In order to create “friends” women can share pictures/videos/etc. and men can even see the before/after pictures……Okay, now it sounds creepy. But hey, I bet there are enough perverted, rich men out there that’d love to make new friends this way.

2013-06-17 21_22_50-myfreeimp

Funding Immortality

So this one is mind-blowing. A rich Russian entrepreneur by the name of Dmitry Itskov has begun a worldwide project/think-tank towards making what was once only possible in video games, a reality. The primary aim of the project is to create the technologies that will enable an individual’s consciousness to be uploaded to a nonbiological host, which would ultimately enable humans to live forever. I highly recommend reading the CNBC article or spend 5 minutes on the website. There is about to be some big money thrown into the advancement of the theory of life extension. Over the last 100 years, the advancement we’ve made in medicine has already extended the life expectancy of humans. Now with all of this knowledge, this dialogue is due to be discussed by some of the brightest minds in the world. And I can guarantee that in these discussions will be some of the financial firms with the deepest pockets.

2013-06-17 21_22_04-2045 Initiative


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