iOS is Becoming Android, and What Your Choice of Operating System Says About You

Let me start this post off by saying I’m a fan of Apple products (although most are overpriced, in my opinion). I own a few Apple products (iPod, iTouch) and have sat down with all of them (iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc.). One thing I’ve noticed is that with iOS, it always seemed like a “chore” to get to where I wanted, instead of just being right in front of my face.

Enter iOS 7 and a majority of my friends are “wowed” by what they are able to do: power control, multi-tasking, lockscreen, and Apple Music. Unfortunately as an Android user, I’ve had these features for well over a year. There are many arguments for this late adoption, I think it was Apple vetting all of the risks that other OS’s took and cherry-picked all of the fan favorite features. They definitely picked my favorites.

Before I piss off too many people talking iOS down, many of the counter arguments surround the Apple’s App Store. How from a consumer’s standpoint, it has every app first, and from a developer’s standpoint, they develop for iOS before Android (easier to develop on and, by and large friendlier  way to get affordable exposure).

This lead me to look at the top 40 apps on each store, the App Store and the Play Store. What I found was fairly interesting and ultimately leads to more questions. App stores rank their “top 40” differently, but assuming the algorithms are similar, we can draw some good conclusions. I’ve shared the spreadsheet in a Google Doc here. Let’s start with the observations:

– Only 14 of the 40 overlap (FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, to name a few)

– 5 of the top 10 in the App Store (iOS) were games

– Games take up the most in each store: 15 iOS and 12 Android

– The average rank of the 15 in iOS is 19th, while Android average rank is 22nd

– The second highest for each is Social: 8 iOS and 11 Android

– The average rank of the 8 in iOS is 20th, while Android’s average rank is 15th

– After that for iOS, it’s a mixed bag, there is no clear favorite. Music, Utility, and Shopping all come in third with 3 each

– But for Android, the third highest is Utility apps with 9!

My thoughts:

– iOS has the market for college, post-grad, and 30-somethings (evidenced by strong Games and the diversity of its top 40)

– Android has the market of high school and post 40’s (High school because of the cheaper phones Android comes on, so they are easily replaceable) (post 40’s evidenced by the high Utility section, ie, the Flashlight is ranked in the top 10!)

Shares your comments below, and take the poll!


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