Becoming “The Terminator”

The Terminator is a piece of American movie history that mystified us and continued to stretch our imagination. But it’s funny how what movie makers dream up, often become reality some years later.

And wearable technology, specifically Google GLASS could make The Terminator very close to our every day life. A cool, but slightly creepy (and possibly unethical) view of what it could be like is shown in the video below. As small, wearable technology becomes more powerful and accessible, this augmented reality may not just be a thing of the science fiction filmmaker.

Is what you saw ethical? From a current perspective, I would say absolutely not, and girls, get your pepper spray! But what if you opted into facial recognition? Say only certain pieces of software were licensed to grab pictures from your Facebook profile and you get to decide if the software can scour for your face? Then it doesn’t make it as unethical. I for one think the latter would happen and that this would really allow big data come to life for us on a personal scale.

Another aspect of robots and machines is that they can work/operate 24/7/365 (in theory). A Kickstarter campaign by a startup called NeuroOn is getting us humans closer to that reality. Watch the video, but if you’re too lazy, they’ve invented a sleeping mask that promotes strategic sleep, or in their words, polyphasic sleep (the practice of sleeping multiple times in a 24-hour period). Some of the greatest people in history practiced polyphasic sleep, for example: Napoleon, Churchill, de Vinci, and the list surprisingly goes on and on. So what this mask helps you do is switch from monophasic (what we do today) to polyphasic, using lots of sensors and artificial intelligence to optimize your switch and make it smooth, effective transition for you.

All of this then leading to you becoming the guy who works 20 hours a day! Not much research has been done on the health effects of polyphasic sleep, whether people who follow it get sicker less or more often, etc. etc.

Between augmented reality and being awake and effective for 20+ hours a day, you will soon be able to become The Terminator.


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