Month: February 2014

Favorite Stand Up Monday – Dan Levy “Weird Porn” and Greg Fitzsimmons “Marriage Advice”

Some up and coming comedians (Dan Levy) and some old-timers Greg Fitzsimmons. Greg is one of those guys you see on weird shows like VH1’s “Top 10 Weirdest Music Videos of the 80’s”. Anyways, both recently has some great bits and tips about porn and marriage. Which pretty much go hand in hand.


March Madness – One Blog Post Per Day

So I’ve been pretty busy lately: working, traveling, and not posting blogs on purpose. My goal in March is to post something every day. I’ll be posting the usual: comedy, my thoughts on news and tech, as well as my view of the stock market. But what I’m hoping to do more of is to post about some of the very difficult questions that we, may or may not (wink), encounter at the startup that I work at everyday, and in our long-term company plans.

What we’re doing at Narrative Science has never been done before, and there isn’t a market that exists for what we do, so we’re trying to create one. What do we do that makes us unique? We deal with Big Data, but we’re not Tableau (data visualization). We do business intelligence, but we’re not Domo (BI dashboard). We teach computers to write reports and stories like the smartest person in the room. Whether that’s a sports story or a critical business report, we can write these narratives in seconds, and then write hundreds or thousands of them in minutes. Feel free to hop over to our site for more.

99.9% of the companies in the world have business plans that have been executed before. In other words, yeah, they might slightly differentiate themselves from competitors, but by and large they are facing similar challenges as competitors or companies that have come before them. So there, in theory, is a right and a wrong answer to building a successful business and managing operations day-to-day.

The other 0.01% are startups. I’m not talking about the startups that do something slightly different than a current market participant, aka disruptors (i.e. Redfin affecting Zillow’s business, or multiple sites trying to disrupt Kickstarter). The other 0.01% tend to have issues and questions that have never been answered or solved before, so there is no precedent. They have to become the precedent, the leader in a new way of thinking. Most days I feel like a clinically insane person in a mental institution with everyone telling me what we do should not be and won’t work. All while I’m sitting in the corner, wrapped in a straight-jacket, rocking back and forth, muttering to myself that what we do does make sense……

I hope you enjoy March Madness. Any feedback is welcome. If you tell me I’m indeed insane, I’ll just keeping rocking back and forth muttering to myself.

Favorite Sketch Sunday – “Valentines Day Prank” and Dead Kevin “Sitcom”

Greg and the team at MediocreFilms make some of the better prank videos on YouTube, in my opinion. This V-day, they give unsuspecting women roses and say they are from a shy stranger. Pretty hilarious to see these reactions.

Dead Kevin’s “Sitcom” is yet another solid bit by the guys; they perform the sketch with annoying “laugh overs” as seen in most all sitcoms.