Why I Started Blogging

Besides forcing myself to blog each day of March for “March Madness”, I’ve found blogging somewhat therapeutic. It forces me to articulate and see my point from multiple angles that I may not think about initially. I highly recommend start one your own, even if it is just about politics, or surfboards, or goats. Having a history of what was happening in your life, what you were interested in, and what your view on the state of the world was will be euphoric to look back on.

I may just post funny YouTube videos, but that’s mainly so I’m not “overbearing” or “too much” on Facebook/Twitter/Wordpress. No one wants to be that guy/girl, and we all know a good handful of those people.

So to keep this short, I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am. Feel free to comment, give me ideas for new posts on what’s intriguing to you, or follow me on the Twitters (@kohl_in_one) or WordPress.


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