What the hell is this blog all about?

Born and raised in Wisconsin, my father put me to work at the age of 9; I’ve been working since then. After four amazing years at the University of Wisconsin (Madison), I wound up in Chicago working in finance, consulting both sell-side (research, investment banking) and buy-side (asset managers, private wealth) firms. During the ~3 years there, I still yearned to be part of a small company, particularly a tech startup with a game-changing technology.

So I went from pumping gas and fixing cars for my dad starting at the age of 9, to a product strategist at an artificial intelligence startup here in Chicago (with many odd jobs in between including a farm hand at a horse farm).

I’ve always been told “you need to work for what you want”, and one day I’d like to be an MD/Partner at a Venture Capital firm, helping entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas change the world.

In the meantime, I dabble in stand up comedy (laughter is the best medicine) and am an avid investor, constantly analyzing market opportunities. I take somewhat of a technical approach to identify overbought/oversold asset classes, but the fundamentals needs to paint the same pictures as the technicals.

So follow along, laugh with me, make money with me, and help change the world for the better with me.


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