Stand Up

Favorite Standup Sunday – Jimmy O. – “Whole Foods Chicken”

Continuing  with the organic chicken theme, Jimmy O. has a great perspective on his organic chickens.


Favorite Stand Up Monday – Mike Birbiglia “You’d Be Surprised”

For my 100th (technically 101st) post, one of the comic’s I haven’t posted about yet is Mike Birbiglia. He’s not only a great comedy writer, but also has a knack for acting and filmmaking. If you’re looking for a brutally honest, yet funny movie, I highly recommend his 2012 movie “Sleepwalk with Me”; which is an intimate look into a young comic doing anything he can to make it big.

This whole clip is great, but my favorite joke I’ve heard in a while starts at the 3:30 mark.


Favorite Stand Up Monday – Dan Levy “Weird Porn” and Greg Fitzsimmons “Marriage Advice”

Some up and coming comedians (Dan Levy) and some old-timers Greg Fitzsimmons. Greg is one of those guys you see on weird shows like VH1’s “Top 10 Weirdest Music Videos of the 80’s”. Anyways, both recently has some great bits and tips about porn and marriage. Which pretty much go hand in hand.

Favorite Stand Up Monday – Mark Schiff “Going to the Doctor” and “99 Cent Store”

Mark Schiff is one of the old-timers of stand up comedy. Making a name for himself through the 70’s and 80’s, but still pops up once in a while to do shows, often being regarded as a legend. Here are two of his bits that I love, and to be honest, he’s repeated for quite some time, but they never get old.