The Comedian

Favorite Standup Sunday – Jimmy O. – “Whole Foods Chicken”

Continuing  with the organic chicken theme, Jimmy O. has a great perspective on his organic chickens.


Favorite Sketch Sunday – “Is This Restaurant Chicken Local and Organic?”

A great sketch on the show “Portlandia”, which includes a guest appearance by my a favorite of mine, Jason Sudeikis. This sketch takes the organic/local concerns of food to a seriously funny level.

Favorite Stand Up Monday – Mike Birbiglia “You’d Be Surprised”

For my 100th (technically 101st) post, one of the comic’s I haven’t posted about yet is Mike Birbiglia. He’s not only a great comedy writer, but also has a knack for acting and filmmaking. If you’re looking for a brutally honest, yet funny movie, I highly recommend his 2012 movie “Sleepwalk with Me”; which is an intimate look into a young comic doing anything he can to make it big.

This whole clip is great, but my favorite joke I’ve heard in a while starts at the 3:30 mark.